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Festive Normandy!

It’s that time of year again and a great time to get out and about throughout Normandy to see the illuminated villages of the area.  Many of the villages in the area make an extra special effort with their Christmas and end of year celebrations by putting on themed festivities to delight visitors and locals […]

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Normandy 1100 years young

This year Normandy celebrates its 1100th birthday. The duchy was created in 911 at the treaty of Saint-Clair-sur-Epte (Val d’Oise) and signed by Charles the Simple of France and Rollo the Viking leader. The treaty was thought to protect Charles’ kingdom from any further invasion by the ‘Northmen’ or Normans. To strengthen this bond, Rollo […]

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Cinemagoers – we’re not left out

If you think you will miss going to the cinema if you live in France, think again. Many cinemas are showing what they call ‘version originale’ of the most recent films and sometimes some good old ones. And it is not only in the bigger towns that these films are shown, you will be surprised […]

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