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NORMANDIE – choosing between Upper or Lower Normandie …

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Many people see Normandy as one region, when it is actually two regions with quite different landscapes and property prices. The common denominator is that you’ll find simply wonderful architecture in this part of the country. Whether its historic churches and cathedrals or timbered and thatched farmhouses, you won’t be disappointed.

Upper Normandy has slightly higher prices than its neighbour, although the ‘Normandy Riviera’ around Deauville, in Lower Normandy, is the place to go if you like people-watching.

Lower Normandy has an average property price of €132,000. Ports such as Cherbourg and Caen see a constant stream of buyers form the UK, many of whom stay locally because they seek a holiday home with easy access. Agriculture and tourism are two of the biggest industries here and the dairy farms are renowned as being the best in France.