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Normandy 1100 years young

This year Normandy celebrates its 1100th birthday. The duchy was created in 911 at the treaty of Saint-Clair-sur-Epte (Val d’Oise) and signed by Charles the Simple of France and Rollo the Viking leader.

The treaty was thought to protect Charles’ kingdom from any further invasion by the ‘Northmen’ or Normans.

To strengthen this bond, Rollo was to be baptised and marry Gisele, the illegitimate daughter of Charles and become the king’s vassal.

But Rollo refused to kneel in front of the king and kiss his foot. A compromise was reached and one of Rollo’s followers took the foot of the king, but did not kneel, and took the foot so high that the king fell flat on his back. This scenario would not be out of place in a modern day soap opera.


To celebrate the 1100 years many towns will organise festivities and events. Look out for this on the dedicated website

By Corey Koch