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I’m looking for a bargain property in Normandy…

Is it really a “bargain” property or a “cheap” property you’re looking for? We have many cheap places on offer, take a look at our Cheap Normandy Properties – there’s around a hundred of them. Many of them need work or total renovation, so it’s a good idea to do some homework before you arrange a viewing.

We’re more than happy to send you extra photos & information and answer your questions, so please ask. We know these properties well, and the vendors, so it’s not like we’re just listing another agency’s portfolio!

Here’s a few for you to look at –

I’d count many of these to be real bargains as well as low-priced, and there are many bargains to be found all over Normandy in the higher price ranges too. Take a look at all of our Normandy properties with bargains amongst them, there’s almost 600 to choose from.

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