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Broadband wherever you live no matter how rural!


Having persevered for years with slow internet via a dial-up service because of living in an area of rural Mayenne with no broadband ADSL available through the phone line, I have recently upgraded to a satellite provider which has completely changed my life!

Often the case in rural areas throughout France and the UK the satellite option was reportedly unreliable, sometimes not working in heavy rain, snow or fog, with variable upload and download speeds, but I can testify that the newest system is working beyond my expectations with no loss of service due to the weather and fast!

The initial outlay seems to be approximately the same at around €400 for the equipment, but if you live in a ‘zone noir’ in France and it’s your primary residence then you may be eligible for a grant or ‘subvention’ from the Conseil Generale to cover the cost – ask at your commune Mairie in the first instance to see if you qualify.

You can choose a UK provider which gives you the backup of a technical service in English however you should check with them whether you are then covered under the French grant scheme. I am with NordNet, France Telecom’s satellite wing, you download the form, fill it in with your choice of service and tarif, send them a cheque and they send you the hardware, very straightforward. Installation is either by a local installer, at a fee, or you can do it yourself as we did, but be warned it takes two as the dish and receiver are quite heavy!

There are companies advertising throughout the English language press who offer an all inclusive service, and installers working throughout Normandy and Pays de la Loire. Some even offer a ‘pay as you go’ type service for second home owners. Otherwise it’s a monthly subscription just like the traditional phone line services. You also have the option of receiving internet phone and TV services if you wish.

So if you’ve just had to wait 5 minutes to be able to read this because you’re still battling with dial-up then pull your hair out no more!

By Kate Rose contact details here